Crowdtap and Old Navy Style Council trip!

I’ve been a member of Crowdtap for a new months now, and when I saw they had a chance for myself and friend to join in their Shore-ly a Beach Beauty campaign, I was all over it.

My awesome new summer essentials from Old Navy!

Myself and three friends headed over to Old Navy in the morning, and we had excellent timing, as the store was fairly deserted. I showed my coupons and introduction sheet to one of the managers on duty, and she seemed fairly excited about us getting to try out some of their products for free. She was still a bit worried that the coupon might not ring up correctly, as she’d never seen it before. It made me a bit nervous, but we still had fun looking through all the different styles and patterns of clothing.

T nearly got eaten by the giant wall of flip flops. True story.

Each of us three ladies picked out a bag, towel, bathing suit (either two piece or one) and a pair of flip flops. There was a fair selection of different cuts and styles of suits, but I did find it difficult to find a bathing suit that would fit me, as I’m a size 12-14, and a 38DDD cup. I think our group really put Old Navy’s wearability to the test, as the other two ladies also had really diverse body types. T is a slender size 8 with a B cup and J is about a 10 with a C cup and a short torso. So, there was a lot of sending things back and trying on different sizes during our time in the changing rooms before we each managed to find something that suited (no pun intended) us.

Trying on things in horrible fluorescent lighting. :/

One thing we noticed is that the bathing suits were fairly unflattering across the board. (Sorry, Old Navy, but it’s true!) They were all cut in such a way that they smooshed our breasts down, and with me that’s pretty impressive. On J they were too long, on me, too short, and on T, she was drowning in the cups, even though the rest of the suit fit her. For those reasons, we all ended up with bikinis.

I finally found a bikini top that managed to give me some decent support while still being flattering. I absolutely loved the cut of this floral triangle bikini top. It’s a bit larger in the cups than most typical triangle tops, and the straps are wide and supportive. I also really like the pleating on the cups, it adds a unique bit of visual interest. The bottoms are more of a boy short than a brief or typical bikini cut, and again, they’re really flattering and comfy too!

T picked out an adorable printed keyhole bikini, and J found a bandeau top and bikini bottom.

I heart this bikini so hard!

We all picked different coloured bags, towels, and sandals. I loved the variety of flip flop colours! I picked up a pink pair with ombre thongs, and they go well with my suit and towel. My bag wasn’t the typical summer tote, instead I went for their floral zip top satchel. It’s smaller, seems sturdier, and has a water repellant feel, which is a must for a beach bag in my world. I found one of the few green floral prints, and I love it…it’s so cheerful and reminds me of apple blossoms!

Awesome ombre flip flops!

New apple blossom bag

Throughout our shopping trip, the staff was very friendly and helpful when we approached them with questions or needed assistance, and they didn’t hover or were pushy salespeople. I really enjoyed chatting with one of the ladies who was working in the changing room. She was very sweet!

When we finally checked out, we were a bit worried that the coupons wouldn’t work, but when our tickets totaled at $0, we were so thrilled! The sales clerk asked if I could take her the next time I had a shopping trip from Crowdtap! On the way back, my entire back seat was covered in Old Navy bags…I’m so grateful I was given this awesome opportunity!

Thank you Old Navy and Crowdtap for such a fun party with my friends and for the amazing update to my summer wardrobe!


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