About Pixel!

Just starting to dip my toes into the world of beauty and makeup…I’ve been writing reviews on various other products for years now, and thought this would be a good way for me to expand my horizons. I’m constantly learning new things about beauty and makeup products and hey! I can even put on eyeshadow with a brush now, instead of using my fingers like a kid painting.

I love natural products and mineral makeup when I can find them, but I’m always open to testing out new things. In the products I use daily, there are items that are high end luxury brands, as well as drugstore products, so I am open to everything!

I’m 27, female, with Irish pale skin and freckles. My eyes are green, sometimes blue, and I love to play them up. I have short and thick hair that I love to dye bright colours, and it’s rarely the same one month to another. My day to day style is retro-I adore the pin up look!

My cat, Maus, and my boyfriend and soon to be fiance A. live with me in the Southern US.


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